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Cristina Dixon, or Cris, as she is known to her friends and family, is the Battlefield Coin Shows on-site Registered Nurse.  Cris can be seen at the sign in table during Battlefield Coin Shows, where she is known as "Mike's wife."  Most dealers and collectors do not know her professional occupation is that of a Registered Nurse and she handles all medical situations which arise during the show.

Cris was born and raised in Durango, Mexico and after graduating from high school moved to Tijuana, Mexico where she worked as a Medical Laboratory Technician.  Since moving to the United States she has worked as a Community Health Aide and earned her Nursing Degree in May of 1997.  Cris has worked as a Staff Nurse on Medical/Surgical Units, Staff Nurse in Intensive Care Units and Intermediate Care Units and has been a Private Duty Home Health Care Nurse specializing in Pediatric Care.  Since 2012 Cris has been an Acute Dialysis Nurse.  She is a member of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses and a member of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society.

Traveling, hiking and medical mission trips are her passion.  Cris is a coin collector. She enjoys collecting coins from Mexico, Jefferson nickels, silver American Eagle dollars and gold coins. 

At the next Battlefield Coin Show™ let Cristina know that you read about her on the website.



William A. Waltman, SR, or Bill as he is known to his friends and family, has been an avid coin collector since 1953.  At the age of six, Bill began collecting coins whenever his first grade teacher introduced him to the hobby.  When Bill would pay for his lunch with silver, he would receive nickels back as change.  Bill asked if he should start a coin collection and she brought in Lincoln cent and Jefferson blue Whitman folders to fill on Wednesdays and Fridays for one hour after school.  This started a love for coins which has never ceased.

Bill's grandmother owned a Texaco gas station and allowed him to help for 2 or 3 hours a day after school and in the summer.  For pay, he would receive half dollars and silver dollars.  This lead to Bill's fascination with Morgan dollars and you will notice many Morgan dollars in his show cases. Bill has assembled several complete sets and assists others in assembling sets of Morgan dollars.

After graduating from high school, Bill enlisted into the United States Navy, completed Basic Training in Great Lakes, Michigan and attended 'A' school for communications at Norfolk, VA.  Upon completion of 'A' school, Bill  

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   Michael Dixon has been a coin collector since Christmas Day 1964 when his brother gave him a Blue Whitman "Penny" folder.  This gift from his only brother John turned into a lifetime fascination with coins. Mike would like to thank his brother for giving him that Whitman folder for Christmas!

   In 1971, Mike placed a 3 x 5 card on the bulletin board at Pennyfare Food Market to sell Jefferson Nickels and was introduced to long time collector Harry Skaggs from Mount Hope, West Virginia.  Harry mentored Mike as to what sold, what collectors wanted, etc.  This mentorship, with the help of Mike's sister Sue and sister-in-law Barbara, led to mail order, shows and flea markets.  Mike started dealing coins in 1972 under the name "Mike's Coins" in Oak Hill, West Virginia.  This lasted until 1983 when he joined the United States Army.

   During 1984 and 1985, Mike was a "Vest Pocket" dealer in the Shreveport, Louisiana area. Moving to Hawaii in 1985, Mike started dealing coins at the Aloha Swap Meet and setting up at coin shows.  Mike was one of the first PCI certified coin dealers and bought PCI certified coins sight unseen.  From there Mike and his wife Cristina opened a store outside Honolulu in Wahiawa named "Hobbies Unlimited."   Mike and Cristina owned this store until March 1993 whenever he was transferred to Fort Knox, Kentucky.   Once in Kentucky, Mike opened "Hobbies Unlimited" in Radcliff, Kentucky and operated mail order sales under the name Michael Dixon Numismatics. He operated this store until he received change

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